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Full Installation of MapPro Version 11.8

For new installations of MapPro Version 11.8 do the following:

Step 1: Get your MapPro Serial Number.

Step 2:Click Install MapPro for Windows

  1. Choose Save.  DO NOT DOUBLE-CLICK THE FILE. Right click on the file and choose "Run As Administrator."
  2. Simply double-clicking the file and NOT choosing to "Run As Administrator" will result in installation failure.

Step 3: Start MapPro. (Network Users: Start MapPro Network Host first.) MapPro will automatically download and install the Maps required for your license. If you have a firewall installed on your computer it will be necessary to "unblock" access for mapcom4.exe so that the automatic download will work properly.

MapPro 11.84 Software Update Only - Download only if you already have MapPro installed

Manual:MapPro User Manual (PDF Format)

MapPro Parcel and Manual Map Downloads
Click to download this data now.

Attention All MapPro Users: Make sure you change your Company Info in MapPro if you have moved or have a new Email address. We use this information to distribute new versions of MapPro to you or send Email notifications when important software updates are released. In order to check if your Company Info is correct, start MapPro and select Company Info from the Setup Menu. This information is sent to our server when you update your MapPro License.